Company history

Even before the first school bell, and before the offices open their doors, the swimmer has swum his first laps, the speed skater has completed her first rounds, and the volleyball team has hit the first ball. Early in the morning, they travel from home to their training and then directly on to their desk or the classroom.

An intensive agenda to which the studying or working sportsman and –woman tends to stick for multiple years on the road to accomplishing their goals. Such a life demands a qualitative sports bags, fit for daily use. SmartBags develops this functional sports bag with a passion, where the diverse life that comes with practicing sports is central.

From the very beginning, this intensive lifestyle has been the starting point. Wanting to know what these diehard athletes carry with them every single day, gave us the ultimate goal. Today’s sportsbags look the part, but it is time to make them smart too. This is what came up in the mind of Bart Smallenbroek in 2006. Starting as a project for school, this resulted in a mini-enterprise carrying the fitting name: SmartBags!
Bart’s ideas were at the time strengthened by the fact that he continuously had to put his used sportswear on top of the textbooks in his bag. Whilst fellow students shared the problem of damaged textbooks and an unsuitable sports bag, Bart dedicated himself to finding a solution. A decent sports bag, in which school stuff and sports stuff don’t bother each other, and that is both comfortable and easy to use.

Meanwhile, this moment lies more than a decade in the past. The story of SmartBags and the accompanying adventure have dared to evolve along with the diverse life of athletes. The athlete leads a demanding existence and in awe of this discipline, the goal of SmartBags is clear: for every kind of athlete a tailor-made, functional, and qualitative sports bag.